What is Balloon?
Balloon is a social media platform where friends collaborate and are in full control of the content they see.
What is a “balloon”?
It really depends on you. A balloon is basically just a name for what you are doing or what you like to talk about. You can create a balloon for anything and add your friends to it, so they can post with you. We see many different use cases with “balloons”. Some use it for storytelling, some for conversational debates, some for football news and games, some to share their art work.
What can I create a balloon for?
The use cases are very broad. Think of a balloon like a micro FB-page. You can create one balloon after the other based on what you typically do or what you like to share. Some create short-lived balloons ex. from dinner parties where they collaborate, some create long-living balloons ex. to share their BMX moments in the run. When you create a new balloon, your profile followers automatically follows your new balloon and others can start following it too.
What’s the difference between a balloon and a post?
A balloons is basically just a name with a photo. It’s like a series of micro-pages for your profile your friends and other people can follow. A post is a shared moment. Every single posts on Balloon is connected to a “balloon”, making everything connected and organized. Tap on a post to open the balloon behind that post. Unfollow a balloon to hide all its posts and future posts from your feed. You are always in control.
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How do I create a balloon?
In the Balloon app, tap on the balloon icon with a + symbol on it. Name your balloon, give it a cover photo (recommended), select friends you want to add to that balloon so they also can post with you. Done, balloon created!
Can I create a private balloon?
Yes. A private balloon and its posts are only visible to its members.
Can I add friends to my balloon?
Yes. If the balloon is already created then simply tap on the “More” button from the balloon to add friends to it.
I don’t want to be a part of a balloon I’ve been added to. How do I leave it?
From the balloon, tap on the “More” button in the upper right corner. Tap on “Leave balloon”. Voila, you are no longer a member of that balloon.
How does collaboration work?
First of all, you need to add friends to your balloon, so they become members. Only members of a balloon can add a post to the balloon. When you share a balloon with a friend, both of you can start adding posts to it. Both of your profile followers autofollows the balloon, so you are combining each others followers to follow your balloon. This is the core of balloon, as people will no longer need to manually jump between profiles to see the posts as the posts will already be organized in to one balloon.
Inside a balloon, there’s a button that says “Follow” and in others “Following”. What’s does it mean?
If it says “Following” then it means you are already following the balloon and its posts. If it says “Follow” then it means you are not following the balloon and its posts.
More on the matter:
Balloon is build around following balloons rather than following a profile like on traditional social media platforms. When you follow a profile, then you are autofollowing all of the balloons that profile is a member of. You can always unfollow a specific balloon that profile is a part of to remove all of the posts and future-posts from your feed. You can also start following a balloon without following the profile behind that balloon. This way you are always in control of the content you see in your feed.
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